Monero (XMR) Magical Crypto Conference VR Fantastic to Explore

The Magical Crypto Conference VR covered for a range of interesting topics like The Stablecoin revolution, Are exchanges ready for the bull market? Behind the Microstrategy, Bucking the Trend – the Return of Bitcoin Only; The investment case for Bitcoin; how instant transfers reshape finance and a range of other stuff.

Just getting to know the titles covered by the conference will help get a grip of the different angles of thought necessary in the cryptocurrency space.

ION – Scalable Decentralized identifiers on Bitcoin, Hyper Bitcoinization, Maximalist Utopia or Inevitable Monetary End Game, How to Get Bamboozled in an OTC deal, Designing Desirable Experiences, Design Bitcoin for Everyone, and Outro.

Monero tweeted:  “Sarang Noether of the Monero Research Lab will be speaking at the Magical Crypto Conference today at 1:15 PM EDT (Privacy: The Collision of Theory and Practice) and 1:55 PM EDT (Is Bitcoin Falling Behind on Privacy – Panel).”

Anyone who is new to the cryptocurrency space will learn enough to get around the space with expert level knowledge by merely getting acquainted with the knowledge shared in the conference topics covered for two days from September 25, 2020 and September 26, 2020.

The Virtual Reality is a fantastic world to explore.  The concepts are being explored and delivered by top tier speakers and panelists and it is worth any amount of spent understanding what has been shared in these meetings.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Monero (XMR) accomplished the Magical Crypto Conference well and everyone surely did walk away with the experience that they learned something useful.”

A lot if left to be learnt from the fun and light-hearted conference filled with strategy influencers.

Monero (XMR) Best Practices for Beginners

Monero recently published on how experts think that it is possible to use a cryptocurrency correctly.  In order to preserve privacy, evade scams, and ensure timely delivery of transactions users need to follow certain things.  The wallets are designed with defaults which ensure that the users are safe for a majority of the time.  However, it is important to be a bit more thoughtful in the process of spending.

Writing down the seed, double checking the address, understanding the differences between hot and cold wallets, hard wallets and the importance of making use of defaults with Monero are well stated.

The key to being a savvy investor is to upgrade to new knowledge and be very sure of foundational concepts around the investment.