VeChain supports fight against tumor diseases with blockchain

  • VeChain supports the Shanghai-based Renji Tumor Center in the fight against tumor diseases.
  • The hospital will use blockchain technology to promote both prevention and treatment.

VeChain already supports many companies in the fight against the corona virus by providing VeChainThor blockchain with various tracking or data management tasks for numerous business processes in hospitals, airports and hotels. The latest partnership with the Renji Tumor Center once again demonstrates the complex fields of application that VeChain technology makes possible.

VeChain and DNV GL implement efficient medical management

On October 20, 2020, Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical School and the affiliated Renji Hospital announced that the institution has entered into a strategic partnership with VeChain and DNV GL. This partnership will start the development of the “Cloud Tumor Center” using the intelligent verification methods of DNG GL and VeChainThor blockchain.

The cooperation is intended to promote the establishment of a ‘standardized national health information system’. Blockchain technology plays an important role in innovation and integration in the medical and healthcare sector and in the development of technical standardization, the report says. The strategic partnership will solve the following problems:

The successful signing of the strategic collaboration “Cloud Tumor Center” for digital intelligence, which combines the advantages of Blockchain’s non-manipulable digital technology and DNV GL’s standardized certification services, can integrate the existing platform for tumor prevention and treatment into the lives of malignant tumor patients Cycle management services, improve the level of clinical treatment and clinical research, and simultaneously formulate relevant standards that will become the benchmark for digital intelligent tumor centers in China and the world.

Sunny Lu attended the event as a representative of VeChain and stated that the cooperation shows that the blockchain technology is still at the beginning of its application possibilities and VeChain is once again decisively advancing its adaptation:

As hospitals gradually evolve towards digital and intelligent healthcare, the credibility of the data achieved by VeChain’s Blockchain technology will gradually show its advantages. At the same time, DNV GL’s independent certification system It can guarantee the accuracy of information and standardized procedures. Research institutions inside and outside the hospital can use authorized data to improve the efficiency of clinical research, and regulators can use authorized data to conduct compliance testing for medical institutions and establish a credit assessment system.

According to WHO data, more than 9.6 million people worldwide die from tumors each year (2018). This makes tumor diseases the second leading cause of death worldwide. According to one forecast, these figures will double in the next few years. VeChain can therefore make an important contribution to the fight against tumors.

Founded in 1844, Shanghai Renji Hospital is a municipal hospital with more than 1,600 patient beds, 2.1 million emergencies per year and more than 28,000 surgical operations per year. Already in May 2019, the institution entered into a cooperation with VeChain and DNV GL to join the Digital Carbon Ecosystem Initiative.