DeFi Expert Explained Simulating Ethereum Ecosystem

DeFi expert Ryan Sean Adams explained the Ethereum ecosystem on Twitter using an analogy. The DeFi expert used various elements from taxes to central banks, from stocks to laws while describing Ethereum.

DeFi expert and cryptocurrency investor Ryan Sean Adams shared a post on Twitter explaining the Ethereum ecosystem. The expert described Ethereum as follows:

“Ethereum is an economy, ETH is a reserve asset.
Staked ETH is a treasury bill.
The Ethereum block system is oil.
Ethereum transaction fees are taxes.
ETH validators are soldiers.
The algorithm is the central bank.
DeFi is the banking system.
DeFi tokens are stocks.
Codes are laws. ”

This analogy by the crypto money investor has garnered hundreds of likes. Some users found Adams’ analogy correct, while others commented negatively.

“Police and justice are missing”

A Twitter user named MarcoPolo made a comment criticizing the “Codes are laws” part of Adams’ analogy. The user reminded that this proposition shows that it is not possible to be hacked in any way, but that we need police and justice after each hacking attack.

Severe criticism of DeFi expert

A user named Joe007 was one of those who did not welcome Adams’ analogy. Targeting Ryan Sean Adams’ tweet, Joe007 said, “Every single statement here is a lie. It’s a great success to gather so many lies in a single tweet, even by the standards of an ETH distributor. ” said. One user criticizing this interpretation of Joe007 said, “The code is the law. Isn’t that the purpose of ETC? ” she asked. Joe said:

“Unless Vitalik says otherwise, the code is the law. Here is a rich phrase for you! ”