Ripple CTO XRP Comments: “It Will Change Everything!”

Ripple CTO David Schwartz has announced on Twitter that the upcoming update for XRP Ledger will change everything. XRP Ledger’s new Negative UNL update; It will affect validators who are offline or malfunctioning due to hardware, various Internet problems, cyber-attack, etc.

Ripple CTO announced that the upcoming update for XRP Ledger will change everything after a criticism directed at the company on Twitter. Not indifferent to some harsh criticism of Ripple, Schwartz expressed his readiness to do whatever he can and shared the XRPL’s new Negative UNL update, saying that this update will change everything.

Ripple announced in August that it has released a new update for XRP Ledger. It was reported that the new XRP Ledger 1.6.0 version made Ledger stronger under adverse conditions, some errors on Ledger were corrected and various optimizations were made. The Negative UNL update to the Ripple XRP 1.6.0 test network will change everything, according to company CTO David Schwartz, and will also improve the decentralization of the XRPL platform.

What is XRP Ledger Negative UNL?

In the news that the new update to XRP Leger has not been published yet, it is stated that the update was checked in the Ripple 1.6.0 test network. The biggest advantage of this update was demonstrated that any user could easily find and connect to multiple validators with a single command. It was also stated that the Negative UNL feature can currently be used for testing on Devnet.

The Ripple website explains that the XRPL Negative UNL lists offline or malfunctioning validators and that the servers using this feature can analyze which validators are working and adjust itself to those validators. Thus, a new version of ledger will be available even if validators are offline. However, it is also stated that Negative UNL has no effect on the transfer processes on the network.