The Future of Altcoins Divides Crypto Analysts

In the last few weeks, Bitcoin has been rising steadily, withdrawing all capital from the crypto market, causing altcoins to bleed in BTC pairs.

BTC dominance is at a very significant level of resistance and leading crypto analysts are divided over the future of altcoins. So what do analysts think about this? What to expect from the relationship between bitcoin and altcoins in the short term?

BTC Dominance Reaches Long-Term Resistance

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever created. That’s exactly why it takes advantage of all the first mover advantages that come with it. Bitcoin, which has the highest adoption rate and is constantly on the agenda of regulatory agencies, also has the largest share of the market share.

BTC dominance is a metric that represents Bitcoin’s market share against all altcoins. As of the time of publication, Bitcoin dominance is at the level of 66%.

Some crypto analysts think that the relationship between Bitcoin and altcoins can be taken to look at the Bitcoin dominance ratio. Others say it won’t work. But even if it doesn’t work, it’s strange that it responds very well to support and resistance levels and other popular technical indicators.

The TD Sequential indicator also works well on BTC.D weekly timeframes and gives the timing value of BTC pairs. In the past, it acted as an almost flawless sales pattern, pointing to full BTC dominance except one on a weekly scale.

As for the candle opening last night, a “flawed” sales pattern emerged. If the dominance rises above 66.5% before the weekend, it causes the indicator to take the green color. Other cases where the TD Sequential indicator is triggered are shown above.

The Future of Altcoins

A recent analysis of the TD Sequential indicator in the BTC / USD monthly timeframes shows that although the signal is incredibly reliable when it fails, it leads to an even greater impulse.

9 buy or sell setups are almost ineffective when the previous trend is particularly strong, even if the setup is perfected. If the trend to the sell setup is this strong, the signal is ignored and the asset continues to rise.

This type of behavior has also occurred in BTC dominance, indicated below by the red arrow to the left. The trend before the crypto bubble burst was so strong that a weekly perfected 8 and 9 sell setup was triggered, Bitcoin continued to climb. From the moment the 8th sales setup emerged, dominance increased by 35%.