Assembl launches beta for a blockchain-based timestamping service for scientists

Assembl Inc., a startup working to streamline research collaboration, is releasing a public beta of the decentralized timestamping service, Assembl Chronos, allowing scientists to establish provenance over their research findings.

The timestamping service is one piece of a larger play to boost collaboration in science by ensuring trust and fairness in the research process. Provenance, says CEO Sebastian Mellen, is what’s at the core of it:

“Provenance in science has always been messy. Ideas have been shared, stolen, and transformed for millennia, but in this era of global collaboration, scientists need assurance they’re on equal footing. That means guaranteeing credit where it’s due,” said Sebastian Mellen, CEO, Assembl. “Whether due to discrimination or chance, research credit is often misappropriated. Chronos is an opportunity to change that.”

Chronos levels the playing field  by providing secure, private, and immutable timestamps of ideas and research findings, ensuring that credit goes to those who deserve it.

“Chronos solves the prisoner’s dilemma of scientific collaboration, and incentivizes giving proper credit. It provides a clear record of who discovered what, and when, and this proof lives on the blockchain forever. This technology neutralizes power imbalances,” said Assembl co-founder Jacob N. Pedersen.

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