Comedy scene in the Yadkin Valley?

Bo Alambis, a Fayetteville comic whose show “The Big 3” was recently featured on Amazon prime, will headline the Yadkin Show.

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Is there a local comedy scene growing here in the Yadkin Valley?

In a world trying to stay clean, are a few dirty jokes actually good for us?

These are just a few of the questions being asked by Russell Crowley, CEO of Making Magick Productions.

On Saturday, August 22, Crowley and Making Magick Productions is throwing a comedy show at Yadkin Country Club in Yadkinville.

When the club was acquired by new owner Jamie Caudill a year ago, he felt that adding comedy as a new feature to its list of amenities for members and the broader public would be a good idea, and a fun way to re-introduce new people to one of Yadkin County’s longest standing golf courses.

Crowley has hand-selected comedians and comediennes to perform the venue, performers he found to be a good fit for the venue and the area.

Russell says, “I played golf here as a kid. I learned to play here, as a matter of fact. I am enjoying being able to share a new craft with people in my backyard, who might even forgive me if I bogey a couple of jokes. I work hard at this, and I strive to bring some of the funniest people in the state right here where I tee off regularly, and I’m excited to let you see these comedians rip it down the middle, and like real golf, we may swear a little.”

Making Magick Entertainment is a entertainment conglomerate that Russell owns and operates, where he offers live music, DJ services, live fortune telling and photo booth rentals, along with comedy.

Prior to the Coronavirus, Russell had five rooms for which he was booking shows, and had appeared in more than forty shows in his first year in comedy. He was producing shows in the Triad, hosting a monthly open mic at Elkin’s Reeves Theater, and monthly shows at Yadkin Country Club.

He has opened for national acts and touring comedians, and is co-host and featured performer at 506 Rooftop comedy in W. Frankin St. Chapel Hill every Tuesday which features touring comedians, and will begin doing a monthly show at Breathe Cocktail Lounge in Kernersville on Sept. 3.

As to the question of whether comedy is important in a pandemic, it may have several benefits, including boosting immune systems, lowering stress and helping forgive others. In times of uncertainty, comedy always seems to thrive. Crowley feels it is because we as creatures seek this primal, near metaphysical comfort.

“Local comics, honing their craft, trying to find what’s humorous about things that really aren’t funny at all, during times of unrest and civil hostility makes comedy both an art form and an intellectual ally, one that helps us deal with those subjects internally,” added Crowley. While the clubs and producers are taking concerns with social distancing and clean environments, dirty, ugly truths are exposed in a way that is raw and visceral, yet palatable to the consumer appetite.”

Yadkin County Club, 2501 Country Club Road, Yadkinville, Aug. 22 at 7 p.m. Show will be outdoors weather permitting, but will be held rain or shine. Inside seating will be limited. Buy tickets at the clubhouse now. Call 336-244-5559 for more info.