Binance Lists Two More Altcoins: CAKE and SPARTA

The crypto currency exchange Binance announced today that two new altcoins will be added to the exchange. Exchange users will be able to trade with CAKE and SPARTA tokens through the Binance Innovation Zone.

According to the press release published by Binance, two new altcoins will be added to the Innovation Zone. The company uses this platform, called Innovation Zone, to list cryptocurrencies that have a lower market value and have partially recently entered the market. In this context, it can be said that Innovation Zone is a special platform created to support new projects.

CAKE and SPARTA Are Also Added

Binance users will be able to start trading with PancakeSwap (CAKE) and SpartanProtocol (SPARTA) tokens starting today. Binance, which opens BNB and BUSD pairs for CAKE, will only activate BNB parity for SPARTA for now. Users will be able to trade from today.

It should be noted that the crypto currencies in the Innovation Zone are not like big cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. These tokens, which are much smaller in terms of market value, can also be much more volatile in terms of price. In its listing announcement published today, Binance warned investors who are considering trading with CAKE and SPARTA, saying that these transactions may be risky.

CAKE price has already started to rise

With the news of CAKE Binance, the PancakeSwap token rapidly gained in value. CAKE, which was traded at $ 1.30 until 24 hours ago, is currently trading at $ 1.42. It is not yet clear how many people will use CAKE after it is added to Binance. However, it should be reminded once again that the transactions to be made with this token, which has just entered the market, are high risk.