Hoskinson declares fight to Ethereum

  • Cardano celebrated its third anniversary yesterday, while currently 2,500 people are involved in 500 concepts in 100 different projects.
  • Charles Hoskinson declared the fight against Ethereum and explained why Cardano will be superior in 2021.

Charles Hoskinson celebrated Cardano‘s third birthday yesterday. As he explained, IOHK would actually have celebrated the holiday in Kyoto, Mongolia or Africa or elsewhere in the world, after the first anniversary was in Tokyo and the second in Bulgaria. However, due to the coronavirus this is not possible, so Hoskinson recorded a video stream.

At the beginning, Hoskinson highlighted the achievements of the last few years and underlined the growth that the Cardano ecosystem has achieved:

The community has gone up in size so dramatically, it’s unbelievable, I think we quadrupled. There are as many as seven times more transactions on a daily basis today, then there were on the second anniversary. Shelley has shipped. There are 1200+ registered stake pools, more than a third is decentralized and just in a few short months, it will be one hundred percent.

We are on the road to Goguen. Things are moving along quit good there. And liquidity on over 30 exchanges, with worth half to a billion dollars of trading volume every single day. There are hundreds of projects that want to be on Cardano. […] 2500 people are currently participating in 500 concepts in 100 distinct ideas […] More than the half of all ADA in the ecosystem is delegated.

Meanwhile, Hoskinson also promised that “soon some great projects will come to Cardano”, but he can’t spoil their announcement in advance, “but it will be fun to announce them,” Hoskinson said. Currently, the Mongolian developer class is also nearing completion.

We didn’t let corona virus stop us. We trained another 25 Haskell developers online over in Mongolia and can’t wait to hire them and bring them on board, do some cool stuff with the kids who passed the class.

Hoskinson also announced that IOHK will also be one of the founding members of the Haskell Foundation, which will be launched soon. This, Hoskinson said, will enable IOHK “to have some technical steering to ensure that Haskell continues to evolve, be portable, more useful to all kind of things we do.”

Also, Hoskinson did not miss out on throwing punches at his biggest competitor, Ethereum and Vitalik Buterin. According to the IOHK CEO, Cardano will have hundreds to thousands of decentralized applications, DeFi, hundreds of tokens, a voting system and an identity solution until next year, all of which the Ethereum ecosystem also has, but better, more secure and scalable.

To this end, IOHK is working with 4 scientific institutions: the Tokyo Institution of Technology, and the Universities of Athens, Edinburgh and Wyoming. The latest and most difficult technologies, such as SNARKs and better game theories are being researched. In that sense Hoskinson accused Vitalik Buterin and Ethereum to avoid the “difficult things”:

This [Cardano] has been the biggest project I have ever worked on in my life, including Ethereum. It’s vast in scope and scale, we are doing things Vitalik [Buterin] seems to ignore and walk away from because they are simply too hard and despite that we’ve made progress on every single front.