SXP 40%, OMG 12%, Theta 9%

Bitcoin keeps pressing towards the $11,000 area as many alternate cryptocurrencies (altogether known as altcoins) are taking rounds of impressive jaw-breaking gains.

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As it seems more of these turnouts of events are still underway, our market watch series will bring you to identify these coins and speculate accordingly

#1. SWIPE ( SXP 40.36% Up):

This is the first crypto on our list today. The cryptocurrency has gained about 40% within the last 24 hours.

Generally speaking, the market sentiment for SWIPE is overly bullish as about 97% of market watchers signal more gains according to stats on coingecko.

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SWIPE has an all-year-long gain. In the last year, it gained around 56.8% and 20% within the last week. Up by 5.3% in 14 days and 2.5% within the last hour.

SXP is currently trading at $1.81 with a market capitalization of $119 million. In the last 24 hours, over $285 million was exchanged in volumes.

Technical Points

  • Major support level at $1.65
  • Next level of key resistance at $1.90
  • Key trend is bullish as RSI overcomes the 30.0 barrier.

#2. OMG Network (OMG 12% Up):

After its popular rebranding from OmiseGo, OMG is taking a top spot in the free markets. The coin is up by 12% since the last day.

Around 90% of market respondents are bullish on OMG and it seems the top coin is en route accepting gains to cancel out its year loss.

Within the last one year, OMG gains roughly 308% and has recorded gains in some other time frames since last year. It records 111% gains on the bimonthly timeframe and 15.4% since last week. About 1% gain has also been recorded in the last hour.

The current price is $3.34 with an average market cap of $468 million. Also, over $233 million of volumes was recorded on the last day

Technical Points

  • OMG breaks resistance at $3.0
  • Next level of major resistance lies at $3.5
  • Major support lies at $2.9 level.

#3. Theta Network (THETA 9% Gain):

Theta seems to have been making reasonable rounds of profits within the past weeks. The coin makes the list of top gainers today with roughly 9% price increase.

Theta possesses an outstanding market accomplishment with 768% yearly gain, an increase of almost 33% since the past seven days. Also, in the one-month graph, THETA is up 55.4% and 32.5% in the past week.

Technical Points

After withstanding the resistance at the $0.70 level, the timely level of crucial resistance lies at $0.75. THETA had problems in cracking the $0.75 level suitably and accordingly swings into a rambling pattern between. $0.70 and $0.75.

  • The next major resistance lies at $0.75
  • Next Key support exists at $0.70
  • RSI penetrates the overbought situation and may plunge scarcely soon.