Ethereum is Like iPhone, Tron (TRX) is Like Android - Justin Sun

Quick take:

  • Justin Sun has likened Ethereum to the iPhone and Tron to the Android operating system
  • According to Justin, not everyone can afford an iPhone
  • Android has thus emerged as the go-to platform for smartphones due to its lower cost
  • In a similar manner, Tron will become the go-to platform for blockchain developers and users due to its cheaper transactions and scalability

The Founder and CEO of Tron (TRX), Justin Sun, has compared Ethereum to the iPhone and Tron to the Android operating system. According to Mr. Sun, everyone wants an iPhone but it is too expensive. This is where Android has filled the gap and eventually captured much of the smartphone market share since its less expensive. Just like Android, blockchain developers and users will eventually move to Tron due to its cheaper transactions and scalability when compared to Ethereum.

Mr. Sun’s exact statement was as follows.

#Ethereum is like iPhone, #TRON is like Android. At the end of the day everyone will have a smart phone, but not everyone can afford iPhone. What matters the most is cheaper and scalability. TRON will eventually have more market shares than Ethereum just like Android did.

Recent Tron Milestones

The Tron network has continued to sustain an impressive level of growth as the blockchain now hosts a total of 15,167,894 million addresses. Justin Sun highlighted this achievement via the following tweet and exactly as the network surpassed the 15 million mark.

$0.027 Continues to Be a Tough Resistance for Tron

In terms of market performance, Tron (TRX) has found the $0.027 resistance area to be a tough hurdle to overcome despite other prominent digital assets exhibiting impressive gains alongside Bitcoin. For the better part of the month of November, Tron has oscillated between $0.024 and $0.027. The fourth quarter of 2020 has generally been a ‘flat month’ for Tron (TRX).

However, the weekly TRX/USDT chart (below) is about to close the weekly candle in the green. Such a bullish close will provide a sign of hope for Tron investors who believe the digital asset has been lagging the rest in the crypto markets for far too long.